Horns of Hattin Studio Journal: The Making of De Veritate

Studio Journal: The Making of De Veritate

In Spring 2011, Horns of Hattin guitarist Rex Vermum and bassist Acheron traveled to Varberg, Sweden to spend a week mixing and mastering their new CD, De Veritate, with Andy LaRocque at Sonic Train Studios. Take a look behind the scenes during the mixing process.

The Making of De Veritate, Part 1: Developing The Album Concept

Concept albums can be either tedious slabs of self-congratulatory drivel or true genre-defining masterpieces. Okay, so we weren’t making a magnum opus like Tommy or The Wall, but we wanted to tackle a unified theme – or rather, a collection of topics under one theme best summarized by the unofficial band motto, “There is no religion higher than truth.”

As we’ve mentioned in our biography, we focus a lot on history. We’re all interested in heresies, conspiracy theories and the inner workings of the church as a political and financial institution, as well as the Crusades. We decided from the beginning to avoid the stereotypical “fuck god/hail satan” ideologies prevalent in Extreme Metal and wanted to dig deeper into the foundations of various belief systems of mankind. After a lengthy discussion – or rather, several lengthy discussions – we concluded that the title “De Veritate” would be most fitting. It’s Latin for “the truth”. What truth? you may ask yourselves. History has taught us that the concept of truth is a rather subjective and fluid one that can be warped and shaped to serve the needs of whoever may benefit most from it…

On a practical note, we also wanted to re-work some songs from our first demo, 1187, because we thought they fit within the overall concept.

So, we had the rough shapes of an album concept, but not necessarily a concept album. Figuring out how to bring the concept to life with a rather limited budget was the next step. So we started where most underground bands begin: With the question, “Should we try to do it ourselves or pay for a studio?”